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Sensocard Plus Talking Monitor

Talking Monitor

Product Description
The Sensocard Plus is a talking, slim-lined blood glucose meter which enables individuals with vision impairment to easily monitor blood sugar levels.

The SensoCard Plus is a biosensor type blood glucose meter with excellent accuracy and lots of additional features. Blood glucose (blood sugar) concentration can be determined from a drop of blood applied on SensoCard Plus test strip. As 
high-quality product, the SensoCard Plus complies with all the latest relevant standards.

Thanks to the applied biosensor technology the device needs a very small amount of blood for calculating final test result in a very short time and the results are very stable and accurate. Results can be displayed either in mg/dL or mmol/L. Besides the normal whole blood calibration, upon request meters are available with plasma equivalent calibration, as well.

The SensoCard Plus blood glucose meter was specially developed for visually impaired people. It has the great 
ability to tell basic operation instructions and test results in a human voice. This feature is a great help for those people who may have problems with reading displayed characters from the screen. By using the talking function of the device, the possibility of misreading caused by poor sight can be reduced significantly.

All the important instructions and values that are displayed on the screen are also told in
human voice. Clear and simple sentences of the device make SensoCard Plus a very easy to use blood glucose meter even for visually impaired people.
  • Average test time: 5 sec
  • Min. sample volume: 0.5 µL
  • Virtually pain-free
  • Whole Blood Calibration
  • Memory capacity: last 500 test data
  • Long life, lithium battery
  • Data downloading capability to PC

This speaking option significantly reduces the possibility of misreading caused by poor eyesight. Some examples of voice instructions from the SensoCard Plus:
  • “Insert the reagent strip”
  • “Apply a drop of blood”
  • “Five - point - four mmol/L”
  • “Average value of  7 days is 6.7 mmol/L”

Vision Australia have conducted a product evaluation on the Sensocard Plus which is available here. A video demonstration can also be found on YouTube here.

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Name : Lindy Clarke
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Review : I have low-vision and I find this machine to be excellent.

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