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Autolet Impression Lancing Device

Lancing Device

Product Description
Autolet Impression is an advanced lancing device designed to provide maximum comfort and control when obtaining a blood sample at home, work and in non-clinical settings. It offers 21 settings, allowing the user to select the combination that delivers the correct blood volume first time. Seven depth settings and three force settings allow exact adjustment for all skin types and sampling requirements.

With its ergonomic design and large activation button, Autolet Impression has been developed to be simple to use, even for users with reduced dexterity.

The Autolet® Impression is compatible with most capillary blood lancing devices. 
  • Small pen-style
  • Seven depth settings for taking blood samples.
  • Large ergonomic firing button
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Questions (4)
How to change the needle.?

Hi. Please copy and paste the link below into your browser to view the product manual for the Autolet Impression Lancing Device and get instructions on how to change your lancet.

Where can l order the unilet comfortouch lancets Having trouble purchasing these from the chemists?

Hi Jen. W are currently having problems obtaining these lancets from the supplier. Unilet ComfortTouch lancet is a universal Lancet, so you will be able to use any of the following lancets with the Autolet Impression Lancing Device; -Gentlet Premier Lancets -Abbott Freestyle Lancets -TRUEuniversal Lancets -TRUEuniversal Micro Thin Lancets

Folks I have an autolet impression device but am finding the 28g lancets too thin. I have the Autolet on maximum settings but can't get the blood out easily. Is there a thicker lancet that I can buy that fits the Autolet device please? Thanks for your help Patrik Mellberg Ph: 0439943597

Hi Patrik. The only thicker lancet we have available is the Unistik 3 Normal, which has a 23G lancet, however this is a single use safety lancet. Apologies if you have already attempted this, but you can also adjust the depth setting on the Lancing device. If you find that none of these suggestions work, please contact our call center on 1300 136 588 and ask to speak with one of our diabetes educators.

What lancets can be used with this device?

Unilet Comfort Touch (LA017)

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