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Accu-Chek Safe-T-Pro Plus Safety Lancets 23G

Pack of 200 safety lancets

Product Description
Designed for patients. Designed for carers.

Their comfort
  • 3 adjustable depth settings to suit skin thickness for optimal lancing with minimal pain
  • Precision manufactured, 3-facet needle designed for smooth skin penetration with no tearing injury
  • High speed needle propulsion completes lancing within just 3 milliseconds.
Your convenience
  • One size fits all – specially designed construction, adjustable 3 depth settings
  • Suitable for thick or thin skin, small or large blood volume requirements, adults and children
  • Saves time – no fussy lancet selection or storage issues
  • Undamaged by shaking, vibrations or dropping from 1m height
Their hygiene assured
  • Designed for single use, no cross contamination
  • Each depth setting is ‘clicked’ into place and cannot slip out of position once selected
  • Needle tip lies deep inside casing – injury not possible with correct use
  • Automatic needle retraction after use eliminates risk of injury and cross contamination
Your hygiene assured
  • Needle safely enclosed before and after skin penetration
  • Needle tip lies deep inside casing – finger stick injury not possible with correct use
  • Automatic, permanent needle retraction after use for fast and easy disposal
  • Trigger button resistance – firm pressure required for needle to penetrate skin – prevents accidental needle fire
3 Depth Settings:
  • Low (short marking) – 1.3mm
  • Medium (middle marking) – 1.8mm
  • High depth (long marking) – 2.3mm
Reviews (2)
Name : ARC
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Review : Best to use compared to others

Name : Anonymous
Location : Multiple depths, safe & easy to use
Title : Nil
Review : Multiple depths, safe & easy to use Nil Best of the single use lancets

Questions (1)
Hi there, What kind of discount can my mother get for this product - she is apart of the national diabetes services and scheme and holds a health care card - Also how long will it take for the product to arrive? We are situated in sydney, NSW.

Hi Nicole Currently the government and NDSS do not subsidise the cost of purchasing lancets, however members of Diabetes NSW get a 10% discount on all non-NDSS products purchased through Diabetes NSW. All orders placed through the Diabetes NSW online store should take no longer than 5 business days to arrive. You can join Diabetes NSW by clicking the link below;

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