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Sanofi AllStar Pro Silver


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Product Description
The AllStar Pro by Sanofi is a reusable pen insulin injector. It uses replaceable cartridges, providing a convenient option for regular injection of insulin. The stylish lightweight form of the Allstar Pro is a refined step forward from the popular ClikStar pen with the same ease of use. The Silver version is designed to use Lantus, while the Blue version is compatible with Apidra cartridges. 

- Easy, simple and quick to use and inject
- Magnified dose window for easy viewing
- Audible click to ensure correct dose
- Cartridge replacement is simple
- Dial up from 1 - 80 units
- Silver version uses Lantus cartridges
- Blue version uses Apidra Cartridges
- Case included

This AllStar Pro does is not supplied with any insulin, so you will need to obtain insulin cartridges separately before use. 

Reviews (2)
Name : Jim
Location :
Title :
Review : I have used the ClikSTAR pen for about 6 months and admit it has never failed on me. However sometimes it is difficult to push the plunger down and on other occasions I find the plunger will not click when pressed, and not deliver any insulin. Other than that, it is quite sturdy for a piece of plastic and it does the job well. Pity there are no other Lantus compatible pens to choose from. It seem the Henry Ford "Model T" philosophy is alive and well (you can have any colour you want, as long as it's black) - er, Silver.

Name : Craig
Location :
Title :
Review : The ClikSTAR pens are generally great, however I have noticed the ease at which the clicking mechanism "clicks" occasionally becomes extremely difficult to push down and when that happens, the clicking sound is distorted, as though cogs in the mechanism are not meshing correctly. I've had three ClikSTAR pens over the years and they've all had this "feature". I've noticed I can assist the mechanism to correct itself by rotating the spinning end gently clockwise and anti-clockwise without adjusting the dose... but injecting is uncomfortable enough without needing to do that too! It's still a very good product and better than all of the others that I've tested.

Questions (23)
I take Lantus100 and use AllStar reusable pen of plastic body. Can I use Nordisk 4 metal body pen for Lantus

Hello, If you contact our health professionals on they will be able to assist. Kind Regards,

I have got the Allstar pen for use of Lantus and I already have novofine needles as I was using the Novopen for my novorapid. Are the novofine needles compatible with Allstar pen?

Hello, Yes, the Sanofi Clickstar is compatible with both the novofine & BD ultrafine needles. Thanks,

Hi I have been changed onto 1/2 units but have been trying to find pens that I can use .I am on novo rapid and lantus .Can you help me.

Hi Kathy, If you contact our health professionals on they will be able to assist. Kind Regards,

I am using an Allstar Pro and it is not delivering properly, works when you spray into the air but when it is in me it does not appear to go down, sitting here at 10pm not knowing if I have had any Lantus or have overdosed. Have been IDDM for 43 years. Was on protophane and never had a novopen problem. Have been on Lantus and had this pen for 8-10 weeks max. Do not want to go back to needles and syringes and won’t use disposables for environmental reasons. Will take it to the chemist tomoroow and get him to return it. I will rely on needles and drawing from the pen vial. Just lucky it is a Friday night. Do you have a manufacturers address?

Hello, I am unsure of the warehouse address for return goods for Allstar. If you contact them on 1300 255 782 they will be able to provide this. Kind Regards,

Can you please give phone number of concerned person to ask some questions about using of Sanofi Allstar insulin pen? I am living in AP. India.

Hello please contact and our educators will be happy to assist.

Where can i but reusable pen for lantus in the phillipines?how much?

Hi. Please contact the Sanofi Philipines office for more information. Tel: (632) 859-5555

Is this pen compatable with apdria insulin? Thank you

Hi. Please copy & paste the following link into your browser for the Sanofi ClikSTAR Apidra ordering page.

Hi, could you please tell me if the Sanofi Clickstar is compatible with both the novofine & BD ultrafine needles. Kind regards

Hi. Yes, the Sanofi ClikSTAR works with both Novofine and BD Ultrafine Pen Needles.

I use Lantus and Apidra daily. Are there any manufacturers that produce a fine silver or sterling silver insulin delivery pen? I find it more comforting to have a choice, and personalise the way I have to stab myself four times a day and enjoy the small sting that comes with it. I am happy to pay a premium for such an item. Does such an item exist and, if so, where can I get one? Thanks :)

Hi. You can obtain silver coloured Injection Pens, they are however made from plastic and aluminium.

I take Lantus, not from a pen. But really want to change to the Clickstar pen. Where can I get it in the US?

Hi. Sorry we are not sure, however hopefully the helpful people at American Diabetes Association can help.

I am the Carer for my mother - Moira T Walsh. How can I buy Her a sanofi aventis ClikSTAR Insulin Pen in Frankston Victoria Australia? Her current ClikSTAR has just broken while staying in hospital and in a few days She will need a new one.

Hi Jen. Please call Diabetes Victoria on 1300 136 588 for information on where you can access a ClikSTAR Insulin Pen.

Why is Humulin R not compatible with the ClikSTAR pens? The vials fit and the Humulin isn't cloudy... it's basically like water. Are you just covering yourself legally or perhaps trying to sell your insulin or is there a physical incompatibility?

Diabetes NSW relies on the recommendations of the manufacturer for testing compatibility and neither Elli Lily (manufacturer of Humulin) nor Sanofi Aventis (manufacturer of ClickSTAR) have advised that the products can be used together. As such we do not recommend using Humulin with ClickSTAR.

Hi, I live in nsw & am currently on Actrapid & Protophane insulins using a Novo pen, is your new pen compatible with these insulins, if not what are the Sanofi insulins that are comparable with the aforementioned insulins, I am dead set fed up to the teeth with the Novo pens they continually lock up & the plunger base keeps snapping off I contacted Novonordisk both in Australia & Denmark & neither party was interested in the problems I have with their number 4 pens so I am looking to change products in conjunction with my diabetes educator.

Hi. I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with the Novo Pen 4. Unfortunately the ClikStar is only compatible with Lantus and Apidra.

hi does clickstar blue compatablefor lantus

Hi. It is Lantus cartridges are compatible with the ClikSTAR

What can we use these for. ie which insulins. Ta John

Hi John The ClikSTAR is compatible with Lantus insulin cartridges.

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