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Fridge-to-Go Medical Travel Wallet

Wallet for transportation and cool storage of medical supplies

Product Description
The Fridge-to-Go Medical Travel Wallet was created specifically for carrying injection pens or vials when out and about. Super easy to use, just keep it in the freezer (inside the provided freezer bag) all the time so it’s ready to go in a snap.
  • Designed for transportation and cool storage of medical supplies
  • Ideal for medications that require cooling while outside of the refrigerator
  • Fits conveniently in any carry bag
  • Keeps contents at between 2 - 8'C for up to 5 hours
  • Slim-line & compact for easy storage
  • Rear zippered storage compartment
  • Durable, easy to clean exterior
  • Surround cooling ideal for travel
  • BPA & PVC-free, lead-safe
  • Built in panels so you never forget to put them back inside
  • FREE freezer bag to keep your wallet clean
  • 120ml of liquid in each panel (2 panels in wallet)
  • Liquid is non-toxic purified salt water
  • 512 g Weight
  • Dimensions 24 x 11 x 4.5 cm​ (cm)

Diabetes NSW & ACT has a series of diabetes-related travel guides aimed at Australians heading overseas.

Each guide incorporates practical information on aspects such as:

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Questions (19)
I will be travelling overseas for 8 months and the flight usually takes about 12 hours. I will need a freezer pack that will take two packets of insulin, each size being approximately 4"x5"x5"deep. Can you please advise me if you have a product that will do this. Thank you.. Steve Power

Hi Steve the Medactiv iCool Prestige and the Medactiv iCool Medicube will both keep their contents stored at between 2-8 degrees Celsius for over 12 hours.

I take thyroxine that has to be kept at fridge temperature. Im travelling to asia in November. problem is I take two different mg levels of thyroxine and have to take 2 packets. I assume the colder of the two bags is the better option? My other medication doesn't need to be refrigerated but I note I will need a letter confirming what I take and purpose, have it in carry on and in a large clip lock sealed bag that can be seen?

Hi Russell. You may wish to also have a look at the Medactiv iCool bags we have available, as they will keep their contents at a fridge like temperature, but do so for a longer time than the Fridge-to-Go Medical Travel Wallet. Yes, we recommend getting a letter from your doctor stating that you will need to take any medication in your hand luggage. For more detailed information on this copy & paste the following link into your browser.

I am travelling overseas for 3 weeks and I am on bydureon once a week so I will need to take 3 pens with me is there a travel pack I can buy that will keep it cool

Hi. We have a number of options available depending on the recommended storage instructions of your medication and, how the length of your trip. Frio Cooling Wallets will keep your medication stored at a temperature of between 18-28 Degrees Celsius for up to 39 hours and can be easily reactivated in under 15 minutes by immersing them in water. We also have a range of Medactiv iCool bags, which use a patented freezing gel which can keep your medication safely stored at a temperature of between 2 - 8 Degrees Celsius for up to 36 hours.

Hi there I have read through the FAQ/s but I can't seems to understand how long the Fridge-to-go maintains a cold temperature. % hours, 10 hours, 45 hours? I need to fly various lengths of time with Thryoxine, the issue is not that the thyroxine remains super cold but that it remains at a constant fridge temp (changes in temp are what breaks down the medication, not heat as such). I hope this makes sense. Thank you !

Hi. The Fridge-to-Go keeps its contents at between 2 - 8'C for up to 5 hours. The Medactiv Icool range is another option, as it contains a number of bags that last for longer periods. All of the bags we sell that keep contents at fridge like temperatures use various forms of ice packs, so while they are in use the temperature inside the bag will gradually rise as the ice pack melts.

I was hoping to carry my thyroxine in the fridge to go oveseas. From your info only diabetics are allowed to take in cabin the 120ml packs. Do you have any alternatives

Hi. No, our information should not be interpreted as only people with diabetes being allowed to take liquid medications on a plane, we refer specifically to diabetes medications and people with diabetes because we are a diabetes charity. However if you need to take medication, particularly liquid medications, on a plane much of the information we provide for people travelling with insulin may be relevant for you. It may be advisable prior to travel that you undertake the following steps; 1. Travel plans should also be discussed with your Doctor. In addition to ensuring that you have all of the supplies required, they can provide advice on any changes to your individual medication and food routines that may be required, such as when crossing time-zones or following the development of illness such as diarrhoea and vomiting. 2. A typed and signed letter from your Doctor explaining your medical condition, treatment and subsequent need to carry prescription items and related supplies (which should be individually detailed) should also be obtained, together with readable copies of prescriptions. 3. It should also be ensured that prescription labels on any medications are clearly printed and attached to the medication. The name of the patient, medication and prescribing doctor, together with their contact details, should also be both clear and easy to read. 4. Contact your airline ahead of time to find out what if any accommodations they may be able to make for you and assistance they may be able to provide you in transporting your medication.

Is this allowed in hand luggage on flights. We are travelling long haul and need to keep medication cool.

Hi Andrew. You can travel with the Fridge-to-Go in hand luggage, please consider the following points before doing so; Complying with Australian airline security regulations Make arrangements in advance to be sure you comply with Australian airline security regulations specifi cally for people with diabetes. If travelling with a non-Australian carrier, check well in advance with your chosen airline for specifi c security guidelines. Australian airline security regulations are: • Diabetes supplies including testing equipment, insulin, Glucagon, syringes, pen needles and insulin pump consumables carried on board must be in the hand baggage of the person who has diabetes and whose name appears on the airline ticket. Remember that items in checked-in baggage may be exposed to extreme temperature variations and may become unusable. • All prescription medications, including your insulin and/or Glucagon, are to be carried in the packaging dispensed by the pharmacist with the label displaying your name clearly visible. • Carry several copies of a letter from your doctor (check before you leave that it is readable) which you will need to get through customs. The letter should outline your medical conditions, the medications you take and the devices you use for your insulin and blood glucose testing such as insulin pens, syringes and needles or pump and pump consumables. It should also stress the importance of carrying your medications with you. For those using an insulin pump, the letter must stress the need for the pump to be worn at all times. • Australian airline regulations limit the amount of liquids (including aerosols and gels) carried by international travellers in their carry-on baggage. Each container must not exceed 100ml and must fi t into a transparent re-sealable plastic bag no larger than one litre (approx 20cm x 20cm) which can be purchased from the supermarket or at the airport. While people with diabetes who need to carry supplies of insulin are exempt, they will be required to present their insulin at the security checkpoint and carry proof of their condition and their need for insulin (ie: letter from your doctor as above).

We will be travelling overseas soon, will the Frio wallet be suitable for my Byetta as well as Lantus . Thank you . Pat Marsh

Hi Pat. Frio Cooling Wallets will keep the contents cooled within a temperature range of 18 to 26' Celsius. Please check the storage instructions of the medications you use to see if this will be cool enough.

how many hours can you carry a byetta pen in fridge to go bag

Hi Bailey The Fridge-to-Go will maintain a temperature of between 2-8C for up to five hours. Please check the storage instructions that come with your Byetta, before using a temperature control bag to ensure they will keep the required temperature for the length of time that you require.

Could you please send the dimensions of Fridge to go travel wallet -TP013? and include a link to shop for purchase

The Fridge to Go is Internal measurement 27W x 4D x 11H (cm) and weighs 306g.

How can I travel on a long haul flight from Brisbane to London and keep my Byetta between 2 and 8 degrees. I'll be OS for 4weeks. Any products or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

To ensure you get the best possible advice on travelling internationally with Byetta, please call our Customer Care Line on 1300 342 238 and ask to speak with a Diabetes Educator.

Do you deliver to the uk?

Unfortunately we only ship goods within Australia, however Diabetes UK may be able to assist you with a similar product. ‎

With the Fridge to go product, do you leave it in the fridge or freezer and pull it out when required? We want something that we can use for a day at the beach and we're in Qld, so it gets very hot. If it is a frozen ice brick type product, is there any chance the items could become wet from condensation or freeze/ get too cold? We've tried a mini esky with ice bricks wrapped in tea towels and one vial got frozen and the other was all wet. Thanks.

The Fridge to Go is indeed an ice pack and insulated storage case. Condensation, freezing and lower than recommended storage temperatures; are possible issues that may arise from the use of this product.

What temperature range does the wallet keep the contents at? I have medication that has to be kept strictly between 2 and 5 centigrade

The fridge to go wallet is an icepack in an insulated bag, so unfortunately we cannot give a specific temperature range.

When I am at home I have not been putting my insulin in the fridge that I am using should it be kept in the fridge I asked my doctoer she said ask the chemist Thanks Pat

Please refer to the instructions that come with the insulin, if you are still unsure then call the ADC on 1300 136 588, between 8.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday and ask to speak with a diabetes educator.

I do not use pens as am old beef insulin and am travelling in August and September so need to keep my 100ml bottles of insulin cold and also my thyroxin tables, what size is the Fridge to go Wallet and will it be able to take these items. Thank you

24W x 4D x 11H (cm) - internal measurement

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