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Frio Vitesse Travel Case

Travel Case for storing diabetes equipment including medications

Product Description

An ideal, lightweight, compact and practical travel case. It comprises two sections: one has multiple internal storage compartments; the other, a larger compartment that will fit a travel-sized Sharps container (0.2L) and other medical accessories. Also, it has a rear pocket with zip providing another handy storage area.

The case features a front mesh pocket which will hold any size of FRIO cooling wallet (sold
separatelyincluding the extra large wallet. The mesh pocket allows air to circulate around the FRIO cooling wallet enabling it to breathe, thereby keeping your temperature-sensitive medications cool. This model travel case is not designed to hold ice packs.

Includes branded magnetic fastener; adjustable shoulder strap and belt loops, both made of quality webbing.
Dimensions: 16cm (H) x 23cm (W) x 3.5cm (D)
Weight: 376 gm

Please note: The FRIO cooling wallet in the images is NOT included.

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Questions (5)
Travelling for 8 weeks .I use bydureon 2ml I need to take 8 pen with me . My trip breaks into 2 flights there is 8 hours transit in between 2 flights plus 13 hours flight. Is there any cooler can solve my need. Thank you

Extra Large Frio is the longest lasting carry case we have, if you need to keep the medication stored at a fridge like temperature the Medactiv iCool Medicube is a good option.

how long can I keep insulin pens cool in what for 1 month overseas

Hi You can use any Frio Cooling Wallet or any of the Medactiv Easy Bags, if the insulin will be used within 28 days. If Insulin is removed from a fridge (running at a temperature of between 2 - 8 degrees Celsius), it must be kept stored at a temperature of below 28 degrees Celsius and used within 28 days. Once insulin is removed from a fridge, using a Frio Cooling Wallet or any of the Medactiv Easy Bags to store the Insulin will keep it below 28 degrees Celsius, as long as the instructions for the bags are followed. If you are travelling for longer than 28 days, Medactiv iCool range, which is also available from diabetes shop, will keep their contents stored at a temperature of between 2 – 8 degrees Celsius.

How many insulin pens can this hold?

Hi Debra The Frio Vitesse Travel Case can hold over 2 dozen insulin pens. Please note that the Frio Vitesse Travel Case is NOT a cooling wallet. If you are looking for a case that will keep your insulin cool, please have a look at the Extra Large Frio Cooling Wallet, which is also available.

How many XL Frio Wallets can the bag accommodate?

The Frio Vitesse Travel Case holds 1 Extra Large Frio Wallet in the outside mesh compartment, the internal section of the bag can also accommodate another Frio Wallet.

Going to thialand will frio travel pack be suitable for Lantus solar star & novo rapid flex pen thanks Eric

The Frio Vitesse is only a carry case for the Frio Travel Wallets. A Frio Travel Wallet will keep products stored within at a temperature of between 18'C to 26'C for a period of 40 hours in a constant ambient temperature of 38.5'C. Please refer to the storage instructions of any medications you wish to transport before using a Frio Travel Wallet.

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