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Diabete-Ezy Ezy-Fit Travel Case

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TP016, TP017, TP018

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Product Description
The Ezy-fit Case carries all of your daily diabetes needs in one place. The outer case is made of a durable, easy to clean, hardshell material.

Inside features of the case include housing for a record book, pen, card size personalised management plan, 2 x pen needles, Test-wipes dispenser, BGL meter, lancet device, test strips, needle tip refills, lancets and a compartment for rubbish and other equipment.
The case suits most blood glucose meters, including the Optium, Xceed, FreeStyle mini, Accu-Chek Perfoma, Integra, Go, Senso Card, CareSens, TrueTrack.

Dimensions of the Ezy-fit case 20cm x 14cm x 3.5cm
Reviews (2)
Name : Debbie
Location :
Title :
Review : The service, speed of postage, packaging and presentation were 5 star spot on.. The product itself disappointing! I bought the smaller case being the ezy-fit case that promises to fit all kinds of stuff with arrows pointing to the placement of these items on their website and other websites as a packing guide. Firstly, the area designated for a lancet device/ pen actually does not fit there - the length is too short. Both mine are Acucheck performa and are standard brand and size. the spine is not even and the case is too narrow.. Really annoyed this did not fit as advertised! The area for needle tips and lancets are lucky to fit 2 of each and you have to have fingers made of string to get into the tiny little zipper section.. The area for rubbish? Same problem, really, really awkward and small opening! It's great having a section for the test wipe dispenser that I have not been able to get hold of for over 6 months!! Doubtful it will return to market?? So a useless space in the case! The case itself is actually the same size and material as the zip case I saw in "Smiggle" yesterday- Which probably would be more practical... The record books that are a day to a page is silly, Why reinvent the wheel? Space for tests throughout the day and room for a comment is all that is needed, The size of the book is great the content is too much.. I have read other reviews and that's why I bought the product - one review did note the lack of space for lancet device but I thought maybe she was trying to fit a huge one in the space?? Who knows! This item is popular due to a lack of competition in the marketplace and good marketing.. However this product (for me) in MY opinion is not useful and a small glitter pencil case from "Typo" fitted in all the items (and more) for half the price, half the size and twice the cuteness.. If you want a clumsy case that really does not fit an adequate amount of needles etc.. this is for you otherwise go less fancy pants and use the KISS principle :)

Name : Lou
Location :
Title :
Review : I'm disappointed with my travel case. I cant fit both my pens into it and my meter as its not wide enough. Also a few times I've opened it to find the pressure on the front of my BGL meter has switched it on. Very disappointing as I need to keep everything together.

Questions (4)
after reading Debbie's review I would like to know if the case will fit a Novo pen 4 & vile of test strips & a Accucheck Performa Monitor.

Hi. It will fit a BGL Monitor, 2 insulin pens and test strips. If you are using the FastClix Lancing device, it will fit in the Diabete-Ezy Ezy-Fit Travel Case, but not in the space shown in the photo, as the FastClix is longer than most other Lancing devices.

Will this case fit an accucheck mobile with the lancet device attached?

Hi Lauren. Yes it will fit both the Mobile Blood glucose Monitor and a Lancing Device.

How does the Ezyfit Travel case work with the Accu-Chek Mobile Meter? Will it fit with 2 Insulin Pens and pen tips?

The Ezy-Fit can be used as a storage case for any Blood Glucose meter, as well as also having plenty of room for 2 insulin pens and your pen tips.

Dose it come with the stuff shown in the picture?

No, unfortunately the Ezy-Fit Travel case does not come included with a Blood Glucose Monitor, Injection Pen or any of the other items shown, these are included in the picture for demonstrative purposes only.

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