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Diabete-Ezy Multi-fit Travel Case

TP019, TP020
TP019, TP020

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Product Description
The stylish Multi-fit Case carries everything that the Ezy-fit Case carries plus much more. This new design is suitable for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. The outer case is made of a tough, easy to clean material with a lanyard loop handle, while Velcro and elastic features are used to hold equipment into place.

The top compartment carries a BG Meter, 2 x pen needles, foil or canister test strips, a lancet device, insulin vials, Test-wipes, a Record Book, a Card Sized Personalised Management Plan, a biro, a needle and lancet tips, as well as a rubbish bin. The compartment underneath can carry Insulin Pump Consumables, a GlucaGen Hypokit, jelly beans or food for hypo treatments, spare batteries, Test-wipes, test strips, other medications or even money and credit cards.

Dimensions of the Multi-fit case 21cm x 14.5cm x 7.5cm

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Name : Michael
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Review : Great product. solid build and plenty of room for my pens n stuff.

Questions (12)
I use Apidra Vials 24 units daily and Lantus vials 56 units daily. and use an accucheck performa meter We will be travelling for approx. 30 days. Can you advise what Travel Case would be best AND how much Insulin should I pack

Hi. To answer what bag would be best for you will first need to determine how much insulin you need. For information on this please read our recent blog post 'Travelling with Insulin' Alternatively, you can call 1300 776 388 and ask to speak with a diabetes educator.

Hi, does the Frio duopen wallet fit in the Multi fit travel case?

Hi Lauren. Yes, a Fio Duopen Wallet will fit in a Diabete-Ezy Multi-Fit Travel Case. Thank you for your question.

Hi I was wondering if the Dario meter would fit this case?

Thank you for your question. You can fit a Dario Smart Meter in the Multi-fit Travel Case.

Hi, just wondering if accu-check mobile will fit into case! Regards Jason

Hi Jason. Yes, you can fit an Accu-Chek Mobile in a Multi-fit Travel Case.

Hi, I would just like to know if the ONE TOUCH Verio BG meter will fit into this carry case please..? Thank you

Hi Rebecca. Yes, you can fit a One Touch Verio Meter in a Multi-fit Travel Case.

Does the multi fit carry the Gel packs?

Hi. No, the Diabete-Ezy Multi-fit is a carry case only.

I'm aware the food is not included but is any of the other items in the box included?

Hi. You only receive the travel case, you do not receive any of the other items in the picture.

I use an Accuchek mobile meter. Will this fit in the Multi Fit Travel Case?

Hi. The Multifit Travel Case will comfortably accommodate an Accu-Chek Mobile Meter.

I am looking for a storage case that is suitable for my daughter to keep at the School Office - it will need to hold her BGL Meter & Strips, her Insulin Pen, and sufficient needle ends, plus a Meter Reading Book and Pen. Is this product suitable? Many thanks

Hi Emma The Multifit should accommodate all of the items you have listed.

I use the insulinx meter the one that calculates my insulin doses. Will this travel pack fit this meter please?

Hi Jo Unfortunately we do not stock the Insulix, so I am unable to test out the fit for you, however the internal dimensions of the Multi-fit case are 21cm x 14.5cm x 7.5cm.

Hello i am thinking of purchasing the Multi-travel case but i am wondering if it can hold the freestyle optimum Neo glucose monitor? Thanks

Hi Julie You certainly will be able to fit your Blood Glucose Monitor inside the Multifit.

hi wondering if the frio large wallet would fit into this product in the area designed to accommodate the log book thanks

Unfortunately not, as the smallest Frio wallet is larger than a log book, when in use.

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