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BD AutoShield Duo Safety Pen Needle 5mm 30G

Pack 100 safety pen needles (329505)

Product Description
Fear of needles or injection anxiety?
Many people experience anxiety when injecting their diabetes medication. Some people may develop this distress either before or soon after they are diagnosed with diabetes. Injection anxiety is strongly associated with less self-monitoring, fewer daily medication injections, and higher blood glucose levels.

1. Select appropriate needles
  • Short pen needles (4mm or 5mm) are as effective and safer than long (6mm, 8mm)pen needles.
  • Short pen needles reduce the risk of injecting medication into muscle, helping to avoid bruising and bleeding.
  • A shielded pen needle can help conceal the needle and may help to reduce fear and anxiety.

2. Assess your injection technique
Bad habits can develop over time. Ask your healthcare professional to demonstrate the most appropriate injection technique to help manage your diabetes more easily.

3. Keep your medication at room temperature for a more comfortable injection
Your healthcare professional can also provide additional strategies and techniques to help address your fear of needles or injection anxiety.

The BD AutoShield Duo™ Safety Pen Needle is compatible will all leading diabetes medication pens, as at March 2018.
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Questions (4)
Hi this is Sabit, I have a dog who has been diagnosed as insulin dependent diabetic by the vet, I was wondering if I can become a member of Diabetes Australia and buy insulin and needles for my dog. Thankyou

Hi Sabit. You can buy needles and syringes from, however we do not sell insulin, your vet would be best placed to advise you on how to obtain insulin for your dog.

Do pensioners get discount on bd autoshield duo

Hi Rosemary Diabetes NSW members get a 10% discount and pensioners get a 50% discount on Diabetes NSW membership, which is only $25 for pensioners. You can become a member by clicking the blue Membership button located in the top right corner of the page.

Do you have pensioner discount? As both my mum and myself need to use them.

Unfortunately there is no pensioner discount available on non NDSS products.

Is this item cover the needle itself with a spring loaded action? ie is it similar to the pen mate?

To assist you with your question please call the Australian Diabetes Council on 1300 342 238 and ask to speak with a Diabetes Educator.

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