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The SpiBelt Pocket

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PA007, PA008, PA009

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Product Description
The SPIbelt™ will expand to hold any smart phone, keys, cash, credit cards, and even a passport. The SPIbelt™ is ideal for fitness, travel, medical needs, and so much more.

The SPIbelt is sleek, secure, and does not bounce.
  • Will not bounce.
  • Expandable, secure, low-profile pocket.
  • Comfortable, soft elastic prevents chaffing.
  • Sturdy buckle and glides for even the most active users.
Reviews (1)
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Review : I have a SPI belt that I use to carry my Medtronic Paradigm 7XX Insulin Pump. There is a small hole left at the end of the zipper when closed that is just big enough for the cannula tubing. It is fine in bed too. The clip sits in the small of your back so you do not even notice it is there.

Questions (5)
Does the spi-belt tcome in various waist sizes? I realise it has an expandable capacity but at the largest is rather tight for some adults.

Hi. Spi-Belt has an adjustable band.

Hi Was wondering if the case can fit a Medtronic 640G pump AS WELL AS my testing kit? Thanks!

The SpiBelt is small, so you will be able to fit either your Insulin Pump or a compact test kit, such as the TrueResult Twist or the Dario Smart Meter. Unfortunately the SpiBelt will not fit both the pump and the test kit.

Chasing a strap on bag for my 11 yr old to carry her epi-pen in when she is exercising (anaphylaxis to green ants). The epi- pen is 16 cm long by approx 4cm.

the SpiBelt is 17cm Long by 3cm wide, however the material it is made from does stretch, if you would like to see a SpiBelt in person, we have stores in Glebe, Newcastle West, Wollongong, Tamworth, Wagga Wagga and Port Macquarie.

Hi, does this come with a slot to thread a pump canular through whilst wearing?

Thank you for your question, unfortunately the Spi-Belt does not have a slot for a cannula, however the manufacturer of your Insulin Pump will have carrying devices for sale, to obtain one contact the manufacturer directly.

I have a 4 year old boy who is about to go onto the Medtronic mio pump. Would this be suitable for him?

The waist band on the spi belt is fully adjustable and should fit a 4yo.

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