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Lilly Huma Pen Savvio

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Product Description
This product is a reusable pen for the injection of insulin and does not contain any insulin itself. You will need to obtain insulin cartridges seperately.
  • Suitable for 3mL insulin cartridges with Humalog and Humulin brands of insulin
  • The device features an easy dial and delivery with smooth glide, easy-to-use cartridge holder.
Reviews (13)
Name : Karyn
Location : Pickering, On
Title : Does not prime
Review : I have just returned from my pharmacy where I spent over an hour trying to get a new Savvio pen to work. Myself and the pharmacist were both on the phone to Eli Lilly the entire time. Each time we tried to prime the pen, the plunger did not move forward. We opened four new pens and did not get one to work until pen #5. The same thing happened about a month ago. The rep from Eli Lilly is stumped and has asked me to return all the pens to the company. However, finding yourself unable to take your insulin is very scary. I always keep an extra pen on hand, but this one also failed, leaving me penless on a long weekend. My pharmacist gave me two disposable syringes to keep as a back up.

Name : Liz
Location : Kensington
Title : Savvio pen
Review : I seem to have constant problems with insulin delivery. Jamming etc. just now it slided over around five units so now I have no clarity about what I have actually given myself. No click sound like the Luxura nor weight - so less confident in using it. When can it be replaced ? Given the number of unhappy reviews I hope soon. It’s bad enough having this problem without having to put up with poorly designed pens .

Name : CStrauss
Location : Canada
Title : Not a keeper
Review : The cartridge part unclicks easily when switching out the needle and then the pen will not dispense any further insulin from that cartridge. It gets too much air in the cartridge and has o be primed almost ever use - too much insulin wasted. Plunger requires different pressures to get insulin delivered. Does not do half units. It is a much cheaper product then the Luxura HD, which i have gone back to. I returned the Savvio to the pharmacy and told them it was defective and to return it to the manufacturer.

Name : James
Location :
Title :
Review : Pen is rubbish and should not be sold Pen lasts about 2 months The mechanism keeps jamming

Name : Robert Page
Location :
Title :
Review : I updated to the Savvio HumaPen in October 2016, however due to the plunger jamming during insulin injection, I replaced it in November 2016. The replacement pen is now (March 2017)jamming. In view of other similar comments on the performance of the Savvio HumaPen, I believe the pen has a serious design fault.

Name : Sonia Van Houten
Location :
Title :
Review : I am happy with the dispensing of the insulin with this pen, but the pen itself is very poor quality because the spring keeps getting jammed and I have to keep ordering the pens - I keep pursuing because I love the pen and have no issue with the dispensing of the insulin

Name : Warren
Location :
Title :
Review : I am most unhappy with this pen I agree totally with Paul, Robyn and Stephen. I am type 1 diabetic and the uncertainty with the amount of insulin delivered is a concern as with the varying pressure. Without clicks makes it most difficult to use. I travel a lot on long flights and I never had a problem with the Luxura HD with the Savvio I have had issues with the amount of insulin delivered. I say bring back the "Luxura HD" Pen.

Name : Paul
Location :
Title :
Review : I think this is a lousy pen, doesn't deliver consistent doses and no feedback though the pen that it is delivering at all. Feel cheap and is not a great product after the Luxura, even if it is lighter.

Name : Robyn
Location :
Title :
Review : I agree with Stephen. I don't feel confident that this pen is delivering the insulin it's supposed to because I don't hear any clicks as I'm injecting. I'd like a pen with half units but I don't know where to get one.

Name : Stephen Dwyer
Location :
Title :
Review : Sorry but I have to say im disappointed with this pen. Its great that its smaller and lighter than the previous model but that's where the great parts end. When you dial up a dosage you get a positive click sound but when you deliver the insulin there is no sound so you have to watch the indicator numbers to check you have delivered the full dose. The dosage delivery push button requires variable pressure to deliver the dose, with increased pressure needed for the final part of the dose. Finally, the clear cartridge holder is plastic making it light weight but this means that when you unscrew used needles they don't release easily and on occasions this has caused the entire capsule to decouple from the pen. All of the above may seem harsh criticism but that's not my intention and the manufacturers should take these points as opportunities for refinement and improvement, Thanks. PS, I am a Type 1 injecting 4-5 doses a day.

Name : Adam
Location :
Title :
Review : Can you please tell me where in Victoria I can order a new Huma Pen Savvio ? For information on where to obtain a Huma Pen Savvio in Victoria please call Diabetes Victoria on 1300 136 588 or 03 9667 1790.

Name : Danielle
Location :
Title :
Review : Love these Pens... i am collecting all the colours very very happy with this pen best ever made. thank you.

Name : Jamie
Location :
Title :
Review : Love this new pen. Very light and sturdy. Well made.

Questions (15)
I need to get the penset as I have now received cartridges for the insulin after my visit to my GP. I cannot get this elsewhere and the one place Dischem says I need to pay for this. Where can I get the pen HumanPen Savvio Lilly (Red)?

Hello, The HumanPen Savvio Lilly (Red)? can be purchased via our website for free, with a $9.95 postage fee Alternatively, these can be obtained for free from most NDSS pharmacies. The below link will show you your closest access points and their contact numbers so that you can call and check whether they have this product in stock. Kind Regards

Hi! Can I use lantus 3ml cartridge in humapen ergo 2 or humapen savvio because I am not faith on allstar pen due to very hard while insert the cartridge in it and also click button not work properly its too hard also for push

Hello, If you can please contact our health professionals on they will be able to assist with your query. Kind Regards,

Reading your blogs? advise if they dont work Go & get another one. I have been on Nova mix 30 FlexiPen also using 6mm needles coming on 5 years.& i don't have any problems. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to hear you have had positive experiences using the Flexpen. We advise anyone that has problems with their injection pen to make sure they have a spare pen and to speak with their healthcare team about their options if they are having problems with their current injection pen.

Have only had this pen a month and already 2 have broken / jammed Once at the weekend so unable to inject my rapid insulin. Really disgusted with this pen . Have used fully disposable for years with no problems

Hi. Sorry to hear you have not had a good experience using the Lilly Huma Pen Savvio. I have forwarded your feedback to the manufacturer. If you would like to speak with a diabetes educator about other options for administering your injections please call 1300 136 588.

I was prescribed these pens and given two 7 days ago in the hospital in Hungary where I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2, I have to take 3 Rapid injections and 1 N at night, I haven´t changed the needle yet or been given more, how often do I need to change the needle? Thanks. T.Vale

Hi. All needles are single use, so you should change the needle after each use, then dispose of the needle safely in a sharps container.

Do you stock the pens that deliver half units as well? The one I am using is suitable for 3ml humalog cartridges

Hi we currently only provide Insulin pens that give a minimum of a full unit. You may be able to obtain a half unit pen from your diabetes educator, endocrinologist or the manufacturer of the current pen you use. Huma Pen is made by Eli Lilly you can call them on 1800 023 764.

Hi, Does this pen have a clik on or screw on cap? Does it have a pocket clip on the cap to secure it into a shirt pocket? Is the clip plastic or metal? Does the clip have 'overtravel' protection? Does this pen dispense in single or half units of insulin? Thanks.

Hi Jon The Huma Pen Savvio has a click on cap, a pocket clip and only dispenses in full units.

Does Diabetes NSW have ClikStar Pens in stock so that we can order them for our Lantus Cartridges. As I also don't like using Solstar Pens.

Hi They are now available

Hi , I am inquiring weather this pen is suitable for Lantus. I am finding it very had to find a pen for the Lantus as i am not a fan of the sol-star pens an i continue to use syringes.

Unfortunately the Huma Pen is not compatible with Lantus, however the ClikStar will work with Lantus.

Hi My mother uses mixterd 30 100UI this suitable for this type of insulin thanks

No, but a Novo Pen should be compatible with mixtard.

Hello would you be able to tell me what pen needles this pen used thanks

Hi Jessie The Humapen is compatible with both Novafine and BD Micro Fine needle tips.

can you please tell me how to get one of these in Victoria. I'm currently using a very old Humapen thanks in anticipation richard c

Hi Richard Our friends at DA Vic should be able to advise you were you can find a new Humapen in Victoria, you can call them on 1300 136 588 or visit their website

is this needle suitable for 3ml cartridge for humalog

The Huma Pen Savvio is compatible with a 3mL humalog cartridge.

does this use novorapid refills and also levermier refills?

No, but the Novo Pen is compatible withe both of those types of insulin.

I need a new humapen 24 for my Lantus 3ml cartridges (300U), is this pen suitable. Finding it hard to get a new free pen anywhere locally.

The Humapen Savvio is a replacement for the discontinued Humapen Luxura. If you are having trouble obtaining them in your area, they can be obtained directly from the Australian Diabetes Council via our website or by calling 1300 342 238.

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