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FreeStyle Optium NEO

Includes FreeStyle Lancing Device

Product Description
Insulin Support Tools At Your Fingertips

Introducing the FreeStyle Optium Neo System, with a choice of support tools specially designed for people on injectible medications. Finally, a meter that’s as easy1 or as useful as you want it to be!

Key Features
  • Accurate blood glucose & blood ketone^ testing 1,2
  • Trend indicators highlight when your blood glucose patterns need attention
  • Injection logging helps you track your injection doses
  • Clear, sharp screen is icon driven & easy to read1 even in direct sunlight
  • No chip or coding required
  • Fast 5 second test time
  • Small blood sample required  0.6 µl
  • Individually foil-wrapped strips protect from air & moisture, are convenient to store & carry3
  • Meets current  ISO 15197:2013 system accuracy standards1
  • FreeStyle Auto-Assist Neo compatible – download up to 1000 events & print or email reports

Owner’s Manual

Click here to download the FreeStyle Optium Neo System owner’s manual.

1 Evaluation of the FreeStyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System, sponsored by Abbott Diabetes Care, 2013. Data on file. 
2 Clinical Evaluation of a Faster, Smaller Sample Volume Blood ß-Ketone Test Strip, sponsored by Abbott Diabetes Care, 2006. Data on file. 
3 Richard J
Melker, Test Strips for Blood Glucose Monitors are Not Always Accurate, Diabetes Care, Vol 26, No 11, Nov 2003. 

IMPORTANT: Only health care professionals can set up and change the insulin calculator settings
^ People diagnosed with diabetes with elevated blood ketone levels should seek medical advice.
Ask your healthcare professional how a FreeStyle Optium Neo may assist you. Always read the label and use only as directed. For more information contact Customer Service on 1800 801 478.
Reviews (19)
Name : saud bostani
Location : saudi arabia
Title : wrong numbers
Review : this devaice gives wrong numbers

Name : Hector
Location : Australia
Title : Wastes expensive test strips.
Review : Good concept but poor engineering. Constant E3 errors because no time to add extra blood to the strip. Poor test strip contact inside meter. Reading fails if strip is slightly moved. Lancet supplied poorly constructed. Xceed one is better. I like the concept of recording daily insulin and creating reports, but meter has problems.

Name : Kelly
Location : Sydney
Title : had high hopes but disappointed
Review : I bought the freestyle neo so I could test ketones and BGL with single machine. Testing my fasting BGL this morning and went through 5 strips jumping from 7.8 down to 5.7, 6.2, 6.7 etc. Totally random results, and I no longer trust the machine, Annoyed I have so many unused strips and now need to buy AccuChek strips for my previous machine. $60 a pop is not cool as I do not have the NDSS card.

Name : David W
Location : Canberra
Title : Good reliable easy to use
Review : Very simple to use,only need a small amount of blood. Only ever have to use one strip.

Name : Judy
Location : Tasmania
Title : Optimum Neo
Review : Couldn't agree more with all the sentiment - the machine is rubbish. With test strips now a premium using 4 strips for one test is absolute nonsense. Does anyone know of a reliable simple machine?

Name : Amanda
Location : Brisbane
Title : Rubbish
Review : Worst monitor I have ever had. It comes up with errors all the time even in the middle of counting down or when more then enough blood has been put on. Stops working for hours and just want turn on even with fresh batteries in it but then starts to work again a half day later! I range to complain to the company and basically they said unless it shows up with an error right now there is nothing they can do and tried to sell me a new BSL kit instead. After over 15 years of using Freestyle monitors I will be changing brands.

Name : Jim Huitton
Location :
Title :
Review : Was in hospital recently & provided with a Freestyle Neo by the DE. Works OK for BSL's but invariable indicates an "error" when testing Keytones. Lancet is bulky compared to Perform unitas npot confident with Freestyle

Name : John McGregor
Location :
Title :
Review : This meter is totally unreliable, error mesages or the strip is not recognised at all.As a consequence I am wasting test strips very day. Not a good result especially now strips are restricted. Wishing my diabetes educator had never changed my old meter.

Name : Adam
Location :
Title :
Review : Utter garbage! My daughter is type 1 diabetic and these meters have been a disaster since we were made to switch to them. Error message after error message. Our previous meter (also manufactured by Freestyle) was working perfectly, so I have no idea what went wrong with the design of this thing, or why our diabetic clinic decided we should switch. Not happy, certainly would not recommend.

Name : Michael Bratchell
Location :
Title :
Review : Pity there wasnt a no star rating. I've had 2 new Optium Neos in recent times. As with others, can use up to 3 strips per test and having to complete 4 tests per day can work out to be very expensive. No wonder the Diabetic Clinic at RDH were giving them away. Stuck with what I have, who is to say a new one will work properly?

Name : Mike Downes
Location :
Title :
Review : Constant E3 or E7 errors, wasting many strips. Sometimes 3 strips per test! It seems the instrument does not recognise strips until jiggled around several times.

Name : Kathryn
Location :
Title :
Review : As I was only recently diagnosed and I was encouraged to switch to this machine by my diabetes educator, I'm very glad to read these other negative reviews. Constant error messages, so many wasted strips and struggling to draw enough blood.

Name : Des williams
Location :
Title :
Review : I had high hopes for this meter having used a freestyle for some time BUT it useless to me because of the lack of a light for the testing of night hypos. Why go backwards when the freestyle lite had one.

Name : Ian Harland
Location :
Title :
Review : After three (3) replacement Freestyle Optium Neo machines supplied by Abbott, the same problem of ER 3 continues once the machine is about 3 months old, don’t waste your time ringing for another or to complain, just switch to another supplier. Also the test stripes won’t fit into their supplied carry case, unless you tear them a smaller size. Overall a disastrous experience and have switched to another manufacturer. I test 5 to 6 times a day and been a diabetic for 50 years.

Name : Bob Mc.
Location :
Title :
Review : This meter is the bee's knees! Simple to set up (and use!) and allows me to "log" my insulin doses side-by-side with my glucose readings (thus no need for a logbook). Free software makes it complete.

Questions (2)
My Freestyle Optimum Neo has failed/malfunctioned model #LAMW237S05503. Can I arrange a replacement

Hi. Yes, you can purchase a replacement through Diabetes Shop, if it is under warranty you can contact Abbott the manufacturer on 1800 801 478 or via

Does the Optium Neo come with the $40 cash-back ?

Hi The cash back offer is available, you just need to download the cash back form at;

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