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Mediband Wristband Insulin Dependent Grey

JE039, JE040, JE041
JE039, JE040, JE041



Product Description
Alert medical personel and carers to your diabetes ensuring you get the fastest and most appropriate treatment.

Silicon medical ID wrist band for people requiring insulin.

Ideal for active people, children or those that want something more subdued than a metal bracelet.

Colour: Dark Grey & Red
Pattern:  Dots
Circumference Sizes:  Medium: 180mm
                                 Large: 202mm
                                 Extra Large:  220mm
Reviews (2)
Name : Sharyn
Location :
Title :
Review : I have been using these bands for years and I love them. I am 50 yo type 1. So comfortable to wear and practical. Only problem I have found is that they only last about 1-2 years before they break. That's ok though, they are cheap to replace. I would recommend.

Name : Jill Craig
Location :
Title :
Review : Bought one of these recently (size M suits my small wrist) and Haven't taken it off - which is the idea. Comfortable and quite nicely designed. Showed it to a paramedic though and they said they had never seen something like this - only the heavy metal ones and so would not have known to turn it over for that all important information ALERT insulin dependent diabetes. Can some-one pass this info on to paramedics?

Questions (4)
I am type 2 and I take insulin morning and night not sure witch band to get can you help thank you. Mick

Hi Mick. It is best to discuss this first with your doctor to ensure that the warning you are giving first responders is the most appropriate to your medical needs.

Can it be worn with the writing on the outside?

It can, if that is your preference.

Can it be worn whilst swimming?

This wrist band is made from silicon, so is a perfect option for when swimming.

What does it say on the inside and can you have other ailments on it>

The inside of the wrist is embossed with "Alert! Insulin Dependent Diabetes" and has no further space for any additional conditions.

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