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Medactiv EasyBag Classic

Isothermic Travel Case for temperature sensitive medications

Product Description
Designed for the transport of five pre-filled injection pens at an optimum temperature between 16 to 25°C for 5 days

The EasyBag Classic becomes active in less than 40 seconds when the inner pouch is soaked in plain tap water. As long as the inner pouch is wet, your medication is kept at the right temperature



Temperature sensitive medications needed to be kept stored at or under 25
° C.

Dimensions: 210 x 160 x 35 mm
Weight: 90 g

For the product to work as advertised the instructions for use must be followe

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Diabetes NSW has a series of diabetes-related travel guides aimed at Australians heading overseas.

Each guide incorporates practical information on aspects such as:

  • preparing for the trip overseas,
  • local foods and diabetes associations and
  • Australian diplomatic representation
Reviews (1)
Name : Elizabeth Warren
Location :
Title :
Review : This is a fantastic product, I have travelled overseas many times using this wallet for my insulin and other medications and never had a problem. Although a little expensive it is well worth the money and very easy to use.

Questions (9)
Hello. I use Bydureon injectable for my type 2 diabetes. I am travelling to Townsville in July and also wondering re a bag that will fit at least 2 pens in it and from reading other inquires looks like I need to take it as cabin luggage and also asking how best to meet the airport security requirements. Many thanks

Hello, If you can please contact our health professionals on they will be able to assist with your query. Kind Regards,

Hi, can you confirm that this bag does weigh 90g. It is a deciding factor for me! "Dimensions: 210 x 160 x 35 mm Weight: 90 g" Thanks Di

Hi Di The Medactiv EasyBag Classic weighs 90g when the inner cooling pouch is dry and 330g when the inner cooling pouch is wet.

Hi I will be traveling to the uk, Ireland and the USA at the beginning with 4 byetta pens. I wil have a Drs letter concerning my usage of byetta but was wondering when the liquid/gel is wet how does this go with what you can take through customs and on board my flight in my hand luggage. Will this be a problem through any of the airports that I am travelling through. Regards Myra

Hi Myra We have had many customers take the Medactiv EasyBag Classic on international flights, however, if you are transporting medication it is important to make sure you have a note from your doctor. If you want more information on travelling with insulin please call 1300 136 588 and ask to speak with a Credentialed Diabetes Educator and please read the following information.

Hi, Can you please clarify on below points for the carriage of Insulin in airplane. 1. Can I carry un-used(inactive) cartridge in this wallet as I'm having a steel body pen with one cartridge in it at a time.I would need to carry 3 extra cartridges which needs to be inserted every time the one in pen goes empty. 2. Shall I keep this wallet in Check in baggage or in carry bag, if in carry bag, will the security forces allow me to carry Gel based wallet into the cabin as gel/liquid is prohibited inside the cabin.? Kindly guide through this. Thanks, Gurjot

Hi Gurjot Thank you for your question. 1. Yes, you can carry insulin cartridges in the Medactiv EasyBag Classic. 2. Take all diabetes medications in your carry-on luggage, as in unpressurized cargo holds the temperature can drop below freezing, which will damage the insulin. Take your medication in your carry-on luggage also reduces the chances of any mishaps caused by the airline losing your luggage. We have had many people purchase Medactiv cooling bags for use when travelling overseas. For more detailed information please copy and paste the links below into your browser;

Hi, I will be traveling to Bali and I am worried we wont have a fridge in our room and was wondering if this would be sufficient in keeping my insulin cool long enough to carry my humalog 3ml bottles for a 6 day trip if it is left in the hotel room?

Hi. Yes, this bag will keep your medication safe at a temperature of under 26 degrees celsius, however, you will need to reactivate the bag by immersing it in water for a few minutes every 1-2 days. But please refer to the storage instructions of your medication first, as most insulin will need to be used within 28 days if after being taken out of refrigeration.

Will the Easy Bag Classic be effective if put in checked baggage on an aircraft?

Hi Graham The manufacturer recommends that it be placed in carry on luggage. Please note that storing temperature sensitive medications in checked luggage is strongly discouraged, as not all airlines heat the cargo hold and this can cause your medication to be exposed to freezing temperatures.

Can these be used for refillable insulin pens Novo echo pens?

Yes the Medactiv EasyBag Calssic can be used with refillable pens.

Would this be ok to transport insulin cartilages. Novorapid and lantus. As Ive noticed the average cooling temp 16-25 C. I don't want my insulin heating.

The EasyBag Classic will be fine for transporting your insulin in normal weather conditions if kept out of direct sunlight. However, the time that the temperature will be maintained for may be reduced if it is left in warmer environments for extended periods.

Hi Could you kindly confirm whether it stays optimum temperature when it is even in hot car or bag?

It will maintain the optimum temperature, however if left in hot in environments the time that temperature will be maintained for will be significantly reduced.

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