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Medactiv iCool Prestige


Product Description
Designed for the transport of sensitive medications at a temperature between 2 to 8°C for 24 hours

keeps all your sensitive medication at a constant temperature

A special compartment reserved for your syringes and needles

Dimensions: 190 x 170 x 60 mm
Weight: 780 g (iCool only)

For the product to work as advertised the instructions for use must be followed.

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Diabetes NSW & ACT have a series of diabetes-related travel guides aimed at Australians heading overseas.

Each guide incorporates practical information on aspects such as:

  • preparing for the trip overseas,
  • local foods and diabetes associations and
  • Australian diplomatic representation
Reviews (4)
Name : Type2
Location :
Title :
Review : I use a soup container from Coles with a balloon filled with gel. $12. Works as well

Name : Ken Young
Location :
Title :
Review : A low rating for an excellent product, because the price is way too much for most people to afford. Very disappointed with Diabetes Australis.

Name : Unemployable Type 1
Location :
Title :
Review : Why are your products so expensive?? Why are you trying to capitalize on people with chronic illnesses? Type 1 Diabetes is not a choice or side effect of lifestyle, some people can't afford to have Type 1 Diabetes and the products we need are far too expensive. These items are brilliant, but unaffordable to low income people. Sorry, but no sale.

Name : Angie
Location :
Title :
Review : good buy, easy to use lightweight and good quality.

Questions (13)
I an travelling to U K EUROPE AND USA and need to take 4 bydureon pens with me. Can you suggest a travel pack that will fit the bigger pens

Hi. The Largest temperature control bag we have is the Medactiv iCube. The internal storage size is listed on the product page. Kind regards Matt

I an travelling to U K and need to take 8 bydureon pens with me. Can you suggest a travel pack that will fit the bigger pens Thankyou Caroline

Hi Caroline The largest travel pack we have available is the Medactiv iCool Medicube.

Hi. Would an extra ice pack extend the cooling time in the Prestige? Thanks. Jose

Hi Jose. The Ice Packs would need to be kept in a freezer prior to use, then the extra ice packs would need to be used to replace the ice packs that are already in use to extend the time the cooler would work at the 2-8 degree celsius temperature range. For example if you were on a long distance flight, it may be possible to arrange for the ice packs to be kept in a freezer during the flight and then swapped with the ice packs that you are already using.

I note that the icool weekend will kemp medications cold for 12 hours while the prestige will maintain the temp for 24 hours. Is there a difference in the bags of just by the fact that the prestige carries 2 x gel packs?

That is correct, the iCool Prestige can keep cooler longer due to the extra ice pack.

Hi, I'm going to NZ for about two and a half weeks and need to keep roughly 17 sachets of probiotics cool during transport. Each sachet measures 10 cm by 5 cm and are a couple of mms thick. Would they all fit in this container? Thanks

Hi Chrissie. iCool Prestige is certainly large enough to accommodate a sachet that size, the bag is 19cm high by 17cm wide. The depth (thickness) of the bag is 6cm.

How many pens does it carry?

It will hold up 6 pens.

I am travelling to UK in June for 7 weeks. 1st 2 weeks staying in apartments so insulin in fridge. Hotels in UK do not have bar fridges. I will have access to a fridge during the last 5 weeks but only for a few days. What product would I be best to used, taking into account I am taking 1Q pens of basal/long & 10 pens of bolus/quick acting.Can you put insulin back in fridge after it has been out for a week or so? Will it keep the insulin life longer?

Hi. To ensure you get the best quality information for travelling overseas with Insulin, please read the Travelling with diabetes fact sheets at the below link and call 1300 136 588 and ask to speak with a Diabetes Educator. and

Hi, I am a member of Diabetes Australia and from Victoria. Can I purchase items from you? What are the requirements? Do you accept PayPal payments? Thanks so much. Gerald

Hi Gerald You can purchase Diabetes NSW products or you can purchase NDSS products as long as you are ordering Diabetes NSW products at the same time, however if you are only purchasing NDSS products you need to place the order with Diabetes Victoria. We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express for payments. All orders should be received within 5 business days.

i have to travel for work to remote island and sometimes there is no power. do you know if there is any cooler for me to keep my insulin for couple of days.

Hi The iCool Prestige requires a freezer to activate the ice pack inside an will only work for a maximum of 24 hours. If you have access to fresh water the Frio Cooling Wallet will work for a number of days as the coolants in the Frio are activated by submersion in water.

Can I take the icool prestige as Cary on luggage With Byetta pens in it on a plane to Bali ?

You can but you will need a letter from a doctor to take it as carry on luggage. If you are travelling overseas we in encourage you to speak with your diabetes educator or call 1300 136 588 and speak with a Diabetes NSW Diabetes Educator, as there are many things to be mindful of when travelling aboard with insulin.

im going to LA in may and use Byetta pen which cooling bag will be best for this, thank you

Hi Karen When travelling with medication no single bag is the best, but depending on your access to freezers and the storage requirements of your medication, length of the trip and amount of available carry on space some products will be better than others for your purpose. For instance the Medactiv iCool Prestige will keep your medication stored at a lower temperature for longer than any other travel bag we sell, however it is physically larger and requires a freezer for activation.

I am doing a bus trip in WA and need to take 10 insulin pens. What product do you recommend I purchase for carrying the pens. Thanks.

Hi Keith Medactiv iCool range requires a freezer to be activated and recharged, if you will have limited access to refrigeration the Medactiv Easy Bags or Frio Cooling Wallets only require immersion in cool water to activate or recharge.

Dear sir, I would like to know if seniors citizens get a discounted price. Thanks Walter

Hi Walter We do not offer a seniors discount on Diabetes NSW products, however seniors get a 50% discount on Diabetes NSW membership and Diabetes NSW members get 10% of all Diabetes NSW products.

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