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Frio Pump Wallet Black


Product Description

Our pump wallets have proven themselves highly successful in a wide range of climatic conditions. These range from use by climbers in the Himalayas to expeditions in the jungles of Borneo, keeping your pump safe in these extreme temperatures.

Our pump wallets are specially manufactured to suit most types and makes of pumps. They have a belt-loop at the back and can be worn comfortably in most situations. All pump wallets contain a waterproof interior unit ensuring that no moisture can be transmitted to the contents.

  • Keeps Insulin cool and safe at a temperature of 18-26 degrees Celsius for 45 hours*
  • Colour black
  • Insulating qualities help protect injectable medications from cold
  • Activated by water 
  • No refrigeration or ice needed
  • Light and compact
  • Reusable

Inner Wallet Dimensions:
120mm x 80mm

Ideal for carrying: 
a. almost any pump available on the market (pumps not incl.)
b. 2 x Insulin Vials and syringes (not incl.)




Diabetes NSW & ACT have a series of diabetes-related travel guides aimed at Australians heading overseas.

Each guide incorporates practical information on aspects such as:


*Tests prove that FRIO® retain their contents at around 25°C (77-79°F) for a minimum of 45 hours per immersion period in a constant environmental temperature of 38°C (100°F).

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Questions (2)
i am using byetta pen and it needs to be refrigerated - would this be ok - if not could u suggest another product mick

Hi Mick. The Frio Pump Wallet will be to small to hold the pen, but any of the other Frio Wallets will be large enough. The following storage information is from the AstraZeneca website the manufacturer of Byetta (; Byetta Storage Store at 2ºC to 8ºC. Refrigerate. Do not freeze. Protect from light. Once in use the BYETTA pen should be kept below 25°C and away from direct heat and light. The BYETTA pen should not be stored with the needle attached. Shelf life for pen in use is 30 days. The pen should be discarded 30 days after use, even if some medicine remains in the pen. So you can use a Frio Wallet to ensure Byetta stays in a safe temperature range when it is removed from refrigeration. If you are wishing to keep the Byetta at a refrigerated temperature at all times. Use a Medactiv iCool Weekender or iCool prestige as the storage cases can keep their contents between 2-8 degrees celsius for between 12 - 24 hours, depending on which of the cases you choose.

Hi, My Insulin is Lantus SoloStar and Novorapid Flexi pen you product is Ok for this? Thank you, Ramon

The Frio Wallet will keep any medication stored, cooled to a temperature of between 18 and 26 degrees Celsius for a period of up to 45 hours in an ambient environment of 38.8 degrees Celsius, the storage instructions on the packaging of your medication should indicate if this is appropriate.

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