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Mediband Classic Bracelet Red

JE042, JE043
JE042, JE043


Product Description
In an emergency situation, a fast, accurate diagnosis is critical to the right medical treatment!

For emergency first responders, not having access to this information immediately can make diagnosis difficult or delay vital treatment.

Stainless Steel Classic Red Medical ID bracelet from mediband comes in a classic style and displays The Rod of Asclepius, which is an internationally trusted and recognised emblem that alerts medical professionals to the wearer having a medical condition. Emergency services personnel and healthcare professionals are trained to look for The Rod of Asclepius and the information that is engraved on the back of the emblem*.

Two sizes;
Medium: 190mm
Large:     220mm

* Please note you will need to arrange for engraving of your specific diabetes type and critical information upon delivery.
Reviews (1)
Name : D Rose
Location :
Title :
Review : I have one too and yes, the ring links which attach the chain to the plate do catch on clothing.

Questions (4)
I have a small wrist can these be adjusted?

Hi. They are a fixed size and cannot be adjusted.

I had one of these bracelets previously and because the links weren't soldered, it kept getting caught on all my knitted clothing. I had several ruined tops. Are these soldered?

Hi Robyn The links are not soldered on this bracelet.

Just learning on how to use this site can you please explain to me how i can order the bracelet and pay for it. Thanks Craig

Hi Craig I you call our Customer Care Line between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday, they can take you through the order process. Kind regards Matt

Can I have the bracelet delivered and how do I order it

Hi David All orders on the Diabetes NSW Online Shop are able to be delivered to any address within Australia. You can order the bracelet on this site in the Medical ID Jewellery section.

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