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TabTime Vibe

Medication Storage with Reminder Alarm

Product Description
Daily pill timer/reminder with audio & vibrating alarms especially useful for the hard of hearing or for those who don't want to be disturbed by an audio alarm. Perfect if you or a loved one are too busy to remember, or if you just sometimes forget when you need to take medication.

TabTime Vibe conveniently fits in your pocket or handbag, for use on the go and at home.

  • Daily Pill Dispenser with up to 5 daily audio & vibrating alarms
  • Alarm choice of Audio & Vibration or Audio/Vibration only
  • 5 tablet compartments that correspond to your alarms
  • Large easy to read LCD screen with backlight for use in low light
  • Easy to set up and use
  • 'Set it & forget it' - alarm settings are remembered every day
  • 80mm x 32mm size
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Questions (3)
For breakfast I take 15 tabs/capsules. Will all these fit in the breakfast slot? Cheers

Hi. Unfortunately the TabTime Vibe cannot fit 15 tablets/pills in a single compartment.

I have pills for day and night 7 days a week is there another pill reminder product that caters for this please . At the moment I use the Web pack to help me.. And some days I just simply still forget .. Even tho the chemist gave me a magnet for the fridge with a hook on it for the pack , I still forget...

The TabTime Black Wallet has 7 daily sections, with 4 compartments for each day, however it does not have an alarm reminder. You can find the TabTime Black Wallet here;

I take 10 pills a day, is this product ok for that?

Hi Col. It will easily accommodate 10 pills.

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