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Gentlet Premier Lancets 30G

Pack of 100 Lancets

Product Description
Gentlet Premier 30G Lancets, 100 per box

Gentlet lancets are designed to minimise your discomfort when testing. Being a 30 gauge lancet means they are finer than a 28 gauge, and therefore less painful.

Gentlet Premier 30G Lancets are suitable for use with most lancing devices.

The photo below is a magnified picture comparing lancets of two different sizes. The smaller Gentlet lancets (30G) are on the right.

Gentlet Premier lancets are produced in accordance with international standards of quality control.

Helpful advice for using lancets:
  1. Do not share lancets with other people. Lancets are only sterile at the time of first use. Sharing lancets can result in the transfer of bacteria and viruses between you and others.
  2. Store safely out of the reach of children.
  3. Dispose of your lancets in a sharps container. If you are being treated with injectable medications, you can dispose of your lancets in the same sharps container you use for your insulin needles and syringes.
  4. It’s best to use a new, sterile lancet each time you test. Purchasing more lancets is a small price to pay for safety and prevention of infection (Gentlet Premier lancets are available in packs of 100 from pharmacies).
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Questions (12)
Are they compatible with the Bayer Microlet 2 lancing device? And do you also have any 33g compatible lancets? Thank you Alona

Hi. Yes, the Gentlet Premier Lancets 30G are compatible with a Bayer Microlet 2 Lancing device. We have TRUEuniversal Micro Thin Lancets 33G, which are also compatible with a Bayer Microlet 2 Lancing device.

in one question about Dario Meters you say it is comapible and in another you say the TrueUniversal 33G is so which is it? Thanks Roger

Hi Roger Both lancets are compatible.

are they compatible with contour ?from bayer

Hi Darren. Yes, the Gentlet Premier Lancets 30G are compatible with the Bayer Lancing Device.

Hi, I was just wondering if your Gentlet Premier 30G lancets are compatible with Genteel lancing device (USA)? It uses square-based lancets. Many thanks. May

Hi May. Yes, the Gentlet Premier are a universal lancet.

Could you tell me please if these are compatible with a Truedraw lancing device?

Yes the Gentlet Premier Lancets are compatible with the TrueDraw lancing device.

Hi are these lancets compatible with the myglucohealth lancing device. Many thanks Patricia

Yes, the Gentlet Premier are a universal lancet.

Hi is gentlest compatible with the new Dario meter? Thank you Natalie

Hi Natalie. The TrueUniversal Micro Thin 33G (LA005) are the thinnest gauge lancet compatible with the Dario Lancing Device.

Are they compatible with True result blood Test Strips Neville Begg

Hi Neville. To better help with your question, can you please tell me which type of Finger Pricker/Lancing device you use.

Are Gentlet Premier Lancets 30G compatable Accu Chek softclix?

Hi No. Unfortunately only SoftClix Lancets work with a SoftClix Finger Pricker.

Is this compatible with Freestyle Lancing Device?

Hi Natalie Yes Gentlet Premier Lancets will work with a Freestyle Lancing Device.

Is this compatible with the DARIO blood glucose meter?

Hi Cody Yes they are compatible with the Dario.

re last question, which of my Beyer, Abbott & softclix devices will these fit? Why not put the info in your promo?

Hi Gentlet Premier is compatible with the Care Lance, TrueDraw, Autlolet Impression and Lancing Devices included with Abbott meters.

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