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Diabete-Ezy Comfy-pump Belt - Black

PA010, PA011, PA012, PA013, PA014
PA010, PA011, PA012, PA013, PA014



Product Description
Comfy-pump, pump belts are so comfortable and lightweight that you will forget that you're even wearing one. Made from high a high-quality Lycra/Nylon stretch-fabric, they fit snug around your waist so that you can discreetly carry your pump underneath your clothing in one of their inbuilt pockets. With from three to six pockets in each belt, depending on the size, you can also use your Comfy-pump belt to safely carry a hypo treatment, mobile phone or money.
  • Fits snug and flat on your waist.
  • Easy and comfortable to wear.
  • For all pump users, from children to adults.
  • No clips, zips or Velcro.
  • Made only from high-quality Lycra.
  • Up to 6 pockets per belt, depending on the size.
  • Suits every occasion, from business to active wear
Sizes(to fit following waist circumference)
  • Extra Small 47cm - 55cm
  • Small 55cm - 65cm
  • Medium 65cm - 85cm
  • Large 85cm - 100cm
  • Extra Large 100cm - 140cm

Reviews (3)
Name : Billj
Location :
Title :
Review : Great feel but like others my pump tends to fall out in public embarrassing me! They should just sew it better to accommodate the pump better? I think most buy it for other uses maybe? Oh well...

Name : Ronald
Location :
Title :
Review : Pump falls out easy and is difficult to fit back in.

Name : Susan
Location :
Title :
Review : My pump always falls out if I bend over. Not a good product as it is simply folded lycra. There needs to be a way to secure pump, such as a zip or clasp.

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