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Resistance Exercise Training Pack

SP018, SP019, SP020, SP026, SP027
SP018, SP019, SP020, SP026, SP027

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Product Description
Try our new $12 Thera-band packs! These include a Thera-band resistance band of your choice and the Diabetes NSW resistance exercise training booklet developed by our exercise physiologists.

Thera-bands are low impact and can be used by anyone! They are an easy way to increase body strength and muscular endurance. They come in a variety of colours corresponding to resistance level.

The accompanying booklet has easy to follow exercises with photos to guide you step by step and also includes a section for goal setting, an activity planner and a training log.

Therabands are made from Latex.

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Questions (2)
Do you have to be able to sit on the floor to use them?

No, all of the exercises can be done while either seated or when standing.

so do you get the booklet and one band? How do we know what strenght of band to order?

Hi Kerry. Yes, you get 1 band and the Resistance Exercise Training Booklet. TheraBand™ bands and tubing are color-coded to identify the level of resistance. The color band or tubing you use depends on the results you want to achieve with your strengthening routine. The lighter resistance levels (yellow) are good for persons in the early stages of rehabilitation. Medium levels of resistance (red and green) are good for those persons starting a strengthening program, or for persons increasing muscular endurance. Higher levels of resistance (blue and black) are for more advanced exercisers needing more resistance. You can speak with an Exercise Physiologist by calling 1300 1360 588

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