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Christmas Cards 10 Pack

2 x 5 Christmas card designs, blank inside.

Product Description
Christmas is just around the corner!

Support Diabetes NSW& ACT and Diabetes Tasmania by purchasing these beautiful Christmas cards, hand drawn by illustrator Bill Hope. Bill was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in his early 20s, and dreams of one day illustrating a book to raise awareness of diabetes to young people. He drew these beautiful Christmas images to help us support people living with (and at risk of) diabetes to live their lives.

The insides of the cards are blank for you to write your own personal message. On the back is written, "These holiday cards were illustrated by young Australian artist Bill Hope. Bill has type 1 diabetes. Thank you for supporting your diabetes state or territory organisation to help people living with diabetes."

For just $12.00, you will receive a beautiful pack of 10 of Bill’s cards, featuring two of each of his five designs, and be supporting Diabetes NSW & ACT and Diabetes Tasmania at the same time.

Thank you so much for your feedback on our cards. We sincerely apologise if we have caused offence by calling them 'Holiday cards'. In light of the feedback we have received we have now changed the title of the cards to ‘Christmas cards’.
Reviews (7)
Name : Ian
Location : Sydney
Title : Goodness. A lot of angry people
Review : Christmas is enjoyed by many people in Australia who aren't Christian. I'm not Christian but I have to endure the holiday (read as: holy day) that many of my friends and colleagues enjoy. Just because you have diabetes does not excuse you from being tolerant and accepting. I won't be buying them because I don't send Christmas or any other cards, but if other people want to waste the money, it's up to them.

Name : Noella Moore
Location :
Title :
Review : Won't be buying until they represent CHRISTMAS for what it is, a Christian celebration.

Name : Rosalie Crispin
Location :
Title :
Review : I am pleased to read you are referring to "Christmas" with your next lot of cards.Why would anyone want to change what Australia has always celebrated?

Name : Anon
Location :
Title :
Review : Love the designs!!

Name : David Gray
Location :
Title :
Review : I am so sick of all this political correctness. If we keep going this way, 25th December will be just another working day. Come on Diabetes NSW, change it to "Happy Christmas" next year and I'll buy double!

Name : J. Wilsin
Location :
Title :
Review : Disgusted that Christmas Cards at Christmas time totally neglect , in fact remove, any mention of Christmas. So-called Political Correctness in all it's wrongfulness. WILL NOT be buying any of these cards, and will not be supporting Diabetes NSW any longer.

Name : Joy Shepherd
Location :
Title :
Review : How sad it is! We are a Christian country - at least so far - what is wrong with Christmas wishes! It is a Christian holiday - not an excuse to wish people "Happy Holidays"

Questions (4)
Why are these Christmas cards being called Holiday Cards ?Before reading about them on my phone I tnought they were some sort of holiday offers for diabetics. Maybe I'm the only recipient who has thought this way lol. Kaye

Thank you so much for your feedback. The cards do feature Christmas-related images including a reindeer, Santa Claus, an Angel and an elf. In light of feedback from yourself and others we have changed the title of the cards to ‘Christmas cards’ to address these concerns. Merry Christmas from the Diabetes NSW shop team

Are the cards soft paper or hard cardboard ? And what size are the cards. Thank you Connor

Hi Connor. The cards are 12.5cm x 18cm and are made of cardboard.

Does it give details on the card somewhere about who designed them and what they support?

The cards all have the following message on the back, "These holiday cards were illustrated by young Australian artist Bill Hope. Bill has type 1 diabetes. Thank you for supporting your diabetes state or territory organisation to help people living with diabetes."

Could you please tell me if the Christmas cards have words in them or blank thank you Sandra

Hi Sandra. The cards are blank on the inside, to allow you to write your own personalised messages for friends and family.

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