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Low GI Diet Shopper's Guide 2016

Glycaemic Index

Product Description
Check the low GI values of all your favourite foods and shop, cook and eat low GI with confidence.

Whether you eat paleo or gluten-free, high-carb, moderate or low, the LOW GI DIET SHOPPER'S GUIDE gives you the tools and tips you need to choose the best carbs.

Newly updated with the latest values and products, this easy-to-use guide show the GI values of your favourite foods and preferred brands and helps you identify healthier low GI carbohydrate alternatives so that you can start making a difference to your diet. Included are:
  • GI values for over 1,000 foods and pre-prepared meals, including new products
  • User-friendly tables arranged by food category
  • Comprehensive data on carbs per serve and glycemic load
  • A shopping list of low GI essentials
  • Tips for meal-planning
  • Ideas for gluten-free meals
  • Advice about eating out and keeping low GI
  • The facts about sugars and sweeteners
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Questions (2)
Hi, does this book identify which brands of products are recommended from local Australian supermarkets?

Hi. Yes, this book will list different brands that you can purchase from your local supermarket. We also have the Healthy Shopping Guide 2016 available, that also lists healthy brand options of products you can purchase from your local supermarket.

Was just wondering if this book would be better than the shopping guide book? I have just been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Nicole

Hi Nicole. Both books are equally as good, the Low GI Shoppers Guide has a greater focus on GI values, whilst the Healthy Shopping Guide applies Diabetes Australia dietary guidelines to all the foods listed.

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