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InsulCheck for ClikSTAR

Product Description
InsulCheck removes the doubt for injection pen users while offering their care team an extra level of security as their patients deal with their complex condition. Using a simple, light, add-on that clips to their existing pen, the time since the last injection is recorded on a digital display. People with diabetes and their families now have peace-of-mind like never before.

Please Note: InsulCheck supports injections of 2 units or more on this pen.
  • Every InsulCheck has a large clearly readable display that shows the time since the last injection. This means this vital information is easy to access quickly and discreetly.
  • As a very light, small add-on, it will add no extra weight or bulk to your existing pen.
  • The InsulCheck unit only triggers when the injection is completed. This makes sure the most accurate information only is recorded and no false triggering is registered.
  • Once a fully completed injection has been administered you will see flashing confirmation in the form of a green light.
  • The InsulCheck product provides an additional and firm grip while you inject. Whether you are a younger, recently diagnosed person with diabetes or are in your later years, this can make your injections that bit easier.
  • And remember, there is no change to your existing schedule. InsulCheck triggers the timer automatically so there is no change to the injection process. InsulCheck is just about giving peace-of-mind and confidence in knowing you are injecting as you should be. No new buttons, no extra work, just more security.
  • The InsulCheck should provide between 12 and 18 months of use. If the display or green light begins to fade, a new battery should be used immediately.
  • Uses the following types of battery; SR54, AG10, SG10, G10A, LR54, 189, 387, 389, 390, LR1130, SR1130, 6135-99-796-0471 (NSN)(S)
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Questions (4)
Hello, will the InsulCheck work with a Lily pen?

Hi. None of our current range of InsulChecks will work with a Lily Pen. Check back in a few weeks as we have a just ordered a shipment of new InsulChecks, we will have 2 new InsulChecks, one for the Lily KwikPen and another for the Lily Savvio.

Hi there, I use Lantus in a Solostar pen - will this unit fit my pens?

The InsulCheck is not compatible with the Solostar pen, however the Timesulin for Solostar will fit on a Solostar pen.

Hi, I would like if InsulCheck fits a Levemir Flexpen. Thanks

No, Insulchecks will only work with refillable Insulin Pens, however the Timesulin for Novo Flexpen is compatible with a Levemir Flexpen.

Hi there, I use novorapid cartridges. is this ok for that? Fantastic Idea by the way!

Hi, If you use a a Novo Pen 4 you can use the InsulCheck for Novo Pen 4, if you are using a disposable Novo Flex Pen we have the Timesulin that has similar features.

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