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MyHealthTest HbA1c Test Kit

At-home test

Product Description
Diabetes NSW has partnered with MyHealthTest to bring you the convenience of an at-home test kit for HbA1c. HbA1c tests usually involve you needing to visit a health professional to take a sample of your blood for testing, but with the MyHealthTest HbA1c test you can take a small sample of blood in the convenience of your own home and then post in the mail for processing.

HbA1c is an average of blood glucose levels over the previous 10-12 weeks and is usually tested every 3-6 months as part of routine diabetes management. Your doctor will advise you of the HbA1c target that is right and safe for you.

When you receive your at-home test kit, follow the simple instructions provided to collect your sample. Then return your sample and requisition form in the pre-paid envelope provided via regular mail. You can view a video guide to completing the test on YouTube here.

Once your sample is received and processed by MyHealthTest, you will then receive an email with instructions on how to access and view your results via their secure on-line portal. If you wish you can also securely share your results with others (e.g. your doctor).

This test kit includes:
  • Instruction booklet with dry blood spot collection card attached
  • 1 x gauze, 2 x band-aids, 1 x sterile wipe, 2 x saftey lancets
  • Special envelope for blood spot card
  • Test requisition form and reply paid envelope
Reviews (3)
Name : Ryan
Location :
Title :
Review : Convenient time saver and negates the need to have blood drawn.

Name : Craig
Location :
Title :
Review : It costs me $35 to go to my GP and i dont have time to book an appointment, travel to the GP's office then wait to see the GP. Therefore this is the way to go for me!

Name : Sophie
Location :
Title :
Review : Absolutely love this product! perfect if you lead a busy lifestyle like me :)

Questions (12)
Dear Sirs What I see as a confusion doubt question, no one really knows 100% what the cut off levels should be worldwide, so many variations, no one is wrong, but who is right, following their own countries guidelines. it reverts to a doubt, it all depends where one resides time of been diagnosed and that is a concern situation of possible mis diagnosing or over prescribing medication? Currently it seems all cut offs worldwide are Arbitrary set acknowledged by WHO and ADA. May I enquire why is there not one chosen cut off that is 100% backed by clinical and medical proof of evidence as to that chosen figure, that the world strictly follows that criteria, if not, a situation is in place. One is testing in UK fasting cut off at 100mg/dl 5.6mmol/l as cut off, yet in Spain its 110mg/dl 6.1% Which is right and wrong then we have cut off say that was 14omg/dl 7.8mmol/l not long ago now down to 5.6mmol/l without explanations? UK recently recommended from 6 mmol/l overnight changed cut off to 5.6mmol/l so those merrily trusting their cut off levels against their finger testing find overnight, they were were normal an then abnormal. Surely this is a disturbing situation of unsureties in the Diabetes world that thousands milions are following cut offs that are Arbitrary at whim random choice. Same with A1C levels one country say below 6% other say 5.7% what is the correct cut off? Only a question, and hope viewed as not an unwarranted good point to raise to awareness, I look forward to comments on the within. thank you.

Hi Jenny, If you contact our health professionals on they will be able to assist with any queries. We are unable to discuss health related topics such as this, but they will be able to discuss BGL guidelines with you. Kind Regards,

I received a kit some months ago but I still havent used it. I am turning over a new leaf for 2018 so am wondering if I can use the kit I have got or do I need another one??

Hi. There is a used by date on the outside of the box, as long as your MyHealthTest HbA1c Test Kit has not expired it is good to use.

I will be living in Shanghai for a few years, but will return annually to Australia for medical checks, etc. Can I use this HbA1c test and post back to Australia from Shanghai? Thanks Linda.

Hi Linda. The only proviso is that the HbA1c samples within 11 days ofcollection, therefore the sample should be put immediately into the mail and the mail service needs to be fast enough to get the sample to Canberra, ACT, within 11 of taking the sample.

Are the results sent back to me or are they sent to my GP?

Once your sample is received and processed by MyHealthTest, you will then receive an email with instructions on how to access and view your results via their secure on-line portal. If you wish you can also securely share your results with others (e.g. your doctor).

Is there a need to fast to do hba1c test

For the HbA1c test service, no fasting is required. In general, for all test services offered by MyHealthTest the Test Request Form (TRF) accompanying the test service you have ordered will provide details of any fasting required for the test in question. For example, for the HbA1c test service, the TRF shows that fasting is not required for that test.

Can the test be used to diagnose prediabetes/diabetes?

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) and World Health organisation (WHO) in recent years have updated their criteria for diagnosing diabetes to include glycated haemoglobin A (HbA1c) testing. However, currently the use of HbA1c to diagnose diabetes is not part of the Australian guidelines. This is because test accuracy is effected by conditions that affect red blood cell survival time such as haemolytic anaemia, chronic kidney failure, vitamin B12 and folic acid deficiencies. As such, HbA1c should not be used for diagnosis in, for example - children and young people; women who are pregnant or have been in the past 2 months, people taking drugs that may cause a rapid rise in glucose, such as corticosteroids or antipsychotic drugs (= 2 months); people with acute pancreatic damage or who have undergone pancreatic surgery; or people with kidney failure. Due to these factors we would recommend use of the MyHealthTest HbA1c test as an indicator only of likely diabetes. An HbA1c of 6.5% is recommended by WHO as the level for diagnosing diabetes, so if you get this result we would then recommend visiting your GP to confirm a diagnosis. Although the WHO has not endorsed HbA1c for diagnosing pre-diabetes, the ADA has proposed that an HbA1c of between 5.7 and 6.4% be considered ‘high risk’ and the equivalent of 'pre-diabetes'. Again we recommend use of MyHealthTest as an indicator only and that if you get this result you should then visit your GP to confirm a diagnosis.

You did not answer the question. The kit costs $34.95. Is there any additional cost for the text or is the total cost of the entire process $34.95?

Hi. Yes that is correct, $34.95 is the total cost for 1 HbA1c test, there are no additional charges.

As the kit is only for 1 test, does that means you would have to by a new kit each time?

Yes, a new MyHealthTest HbA1c Test Kit would need to be purchased each time you needed a HbA1c test.

What is the benefit of paying $34.95 for something you can only use once? I was excited when I saw the headline but once I saw it is a single use only the excitement disappeared. I'll just continue having mine done at my gp's as I can't see any advantage in this. Very disappointed.

Thank you for your feedback. As you point out HbA1c Tests can be accessed via your GP. We have began offering the MyHealthTest HbA1c Test Kit as another option for people who may not have the time to make appointments for the standard test, or would prefer to be tested via finger prick samples rather than the full blood sample that may be required when having a HbA1c test through many GP's. Kind regards Matt

Does this kit only provide for one test, or can further testing be carried out using just this one kit?

Each kit contains a single test.

Is this test as accurate as the pathology hba1c

Hi We confirmed your question directly with the manufacturer as we understand the importance of getting accurate results. They gave the following response. "Yes, the results are equivalent to a traditional blood test with blood taken via a needle from the arm. If you would like to see more technical information go to As for other pathology labs, MyHealthTest also participates in the Royal college of Pathologists of Australasia Quality Assurance Program."

Hi I would like to know the cost of the test..?

MyHealthTest HbA1c Test Kit is $34.95

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