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Myabetic Thompson Diabetes Carry-all

TP073, TP074, TP075, TP076, TP094, TP102
TP073, TP074, TP075, TP076, TP094

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Product Description
For diabetes jet-setters everywhere! This carry-all is perfect for travel (or for individuals who like to regularly tote extra supplies “just in case”). Pack all your goods in one organised place, breeze through airports, and set off on your adventure. Don’t let diabetes delay your world tour.

  • High-quality materials
  • Includes four separate compartments
  • Optional, detachable shoulder strap included
  • Center section zips open completely and includes two mesh zipper pockets, six elastic loops and our signature removable waste pouch for used test strips or other supplies
  • Center section also includes a large removable zipper pouch (with its own slit pocket for used test strips) to store grab-and-go items for short-term excursions
  • Front two zipper compartments allow for additional storage
  • Final zipper compartment is lined with insulation material to hold a cooling pouch to keep your medication cool.*
  • Store it all with this case - glucose meters, CGM receivers, PDMs, test strip drums, lancing devices, lancet needles, injection pens, pen needles, vials, syringes, infusion sets, sensors, cartridges, batteries, power cords, alcohol swabs, glucose tabs, emergency snacks, log books, medical forms and IDs, a compact sharps container – and don’t forget your passport
*Insulation material was not designed to keep your medication cool. If you wish to keep your medication cool, please purchase a FRIO cooling pouch or use your own pack. The FRIO Duo Wallet, FRIO Individual Wallet, FRIO Mini Wallet and FRIO Pump Wallet all fit inside the Thompson Travel Carry-all.

Size Specifications:
23.5cm L x 17.78cm W x 9.52cm H inches
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