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CareSens N Voice

Talking Monitor

Product Description
Blood Glucose Meter. The Meter that talks!

Living with diabetes can be tough. It can be even tougher trying to test your blood glucose with low vision. With its talking function, the CareSens N Voice makes testing a little bit easier.

CareSens N Voice Be sure of your results.

Having low-vision and not being able to easily see your blood glucose result can be unnerving. However, the new N Voice meter has a talking function that clearly reads out the result to you. It also has a large screen and extra large numbers to make seeing your results just a little easier. The N Voice comes with 10 CareSens N tests strips (available on the NDSS) and 50 lancets to get you started.  

Talking function, large screen and numbers

In addition to the talking function, the N voice has a large screen and numbers to help make testing easier. 

CareSens N Voice meets ISO15197:2013 (the international performance standard for blood glucose monitoring systems).*

Test Strip Ejector
For the easy removal of a used test strip.

With the press of one button, you can set an alarm to go off in 2 hours (a handy reminder to test after eating).
 There are also 3 other alarms that can be set for whatever time you like.

Flagging your post-meal results
When testing after a meal, again with the press of a button, you can indicate that test result is post meal. 

The meter itself will calculate and display the averages of the total, pre-meal and post-meal test results for the last 1,7,14,30 and 90 days. 

Computer Software
The meter can be used with SmartLog, free data management software that can help monitor and manage your blood glucose results. 

We’ll provide a free USB cable to link your meter to your computer.

Press here to find out more. 

Other Specifications;
  • Battery life of 1,000 tests
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • 500 test memory
  • Size: 100 x 56 x 19 (mm)
  • Weight: 70 g (with batteries)
  • Operating temperature range: 5 - 50°C
  • Relative humidity range: 10 – 90 %

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Questions (1)
Is the CareSens N Voice blood glucose meter able to be used without a computer

Yes, you can use the CareSens N Voice without a computer. Software included with the CareSens N Voice is for saving your BGL readings to a computer to view longterm trends, but you can use the CareSens N Voice without a computer.

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